Pro Lite Training is our membership site for all your training needs.  There is such a huge learning curve when you first start a business whether this in online or offline.  

When you are first starting out you may be a ‘one-man-band’ or a ‘one-women-band’.  You are essentially the admin, finance, marketing agent, product sourcing and much more?  When you may wonder can you find the time or money to learn what you need to learn to help your online business get traction and grow?

Pro Lite Training is the answer for you. When you buy a site through Dragon Moon the first month is free.  You can download as many ebooks and articles you like.  After the first month, we will invite you to become a paid member.

Each month new content will be added ready for you to digest at your own pace.  If there is a subject you want us to cover drop us a line at and we will start a search to add that content.