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Colouring Books

Type: Amazon Affiliate



Colour Book Magic is an Amazon Affiliate niche site.

It was built with wordpress using a premium theme from Elegant Themes and the woocommerce plugin.

Domain age –  2 years

Colourbookmagic is a New to the Market site.  This means that there is likely to be little or no traffic to the site and no financial data at the time of its release for sale.

The site has been built using the premium Divi theme from Elegant Themes.  It has been lovingly built and is not a template that other sites are using.    Woocommerce is a free e-commerce plugin and with WZoneLite enables this site to be sold at £495.  WZoneLite is the plugin that helps you upload products and requires you to manually choose the products.  Depending on how many products you want in your shop you could spend 1 – 3 hours a week uploading new products.  Upgrade to WZoneFull for hands-free uploads.

As a starter site, has the potential for growth in the niche of colouring books.

The offer comes with a marketing bundle that includes the following ebooks to help you get started:

  • backlink basic
  • creative marketing tactics
  • modern Facebook marketing
  • SEO tactics for today
  • the best marketing strategies

The site has ‘Let’s Encrypt’ to keep it secure.  Let’s Encrypt is a  is a free, automated and open certificate authority (CA) [SSL Certificate].  If you prefer the paid version for greater security click on here.

1. You add content using WZoneLite to the different pages on your site. WZonLite is the FREE version. Using the Insane Import Mode you can find products and add two products at a time.  Upgrade to the full WZone and import more products with a few clicks.

2. Customers place an order

3. The cart takes the customer to their account

4. The customer pays and Amazon dispatches

5. You receive 5% commission

6. Market your site and build your brand

The site earns you money through your affiliate link with  During the transfer process, you will be asked to register with and supply us with your affiliate ID.  This will enable us to direct the affiliate links to your account.  If you prefer you can do this yourself, we can supply guidance.

Other methods you could use to market the site are:

  1. social media – tell everyone on your social media accounts that you have bought the stall and ready to sell
  2. build a Facebook and Twitter fanpage
  3. include banner ads for Amazon, Google etc
  4. ad campaigns
  5. email newsletter
  6. add a blog and review books you add to the store to help with backlinking
As a starter site, colour book magic has not been marketed.

Included in your purchase is a marketing ebook bundle which includes:

  • Backlink Basics
  • Creative marketing Tactics
  • Modern Facebook Marketing
  • SEO Tactics for Today
  • The Best Marketing Strategies
  • You can use Face, Twitter to market to your current friend’s list.  Join groups that are interested in your niche and share your interest in the niche with them.
  • Start a blog page (the site currently does not have a blog page, see Add-Ons for pricing).  Regular changing and updating products on your website help Google bots to find you and rank you on Google searches.

Initially there is no additional costs when you buy unless you choose Add-Ons

Ongoing costs are:

1- Hosting [FREE for the first 6 months] then £15.95 per month

2- Marketing & advertising [optional]

3- Domain renewal £14 a year

1- Premium Domain

2- Fully responsive Store

3- Business email

4- Access to Mailchimp [email dashboard]

5- Marketing bundle

6- Six months FREE hosting