Some would call me a serial entrepreneur because over the years I have tried different ways to start an online business.  But none stuck!

I prefer to think that I was in training to do the one thing that I love and enjoy.  The skills, with knowledge learned and developed by trying different business models which came with those lessons all come together in Dragon Moon.

I enjoy designing and building websites.  They give me a creative avenue and challenges to overcome.

The one thing that frustrated me all the time I was trying to start a business was how much it cost.  To build a website cost thousands.  Then there was the marketing and at products/service to learn an consider.  It can be very overwhelming and seem impossible at times.

Then I built my first website using elegant themes and I was hooked.

Now I want to share that feeling and help other people who are struggling and have a small amount of money to invest to start achieving their dreams.

The team is working hard on developing new and exciting web design

layouts to help you grow your business. 


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